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Bohm, M.C.; Gleiter, R.; Albright, T.A.; Sriyunyongwat, V., The low-lying cationic hole-states of η3-allyl tetracarbonyl complexes of Mn and Re. Photoelectron spectra and Green's Function Calculations, Mol. Phys., 1983, 50, 113.

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  1. Manganese, tetracarbonyl(2-methyl-η3-allyl)- (C8H7MnO4)
  2. Manganese, tetracarbonyl(η3-2-propenyl)- (C7H5MnO4)
  3. Rhenium, [1,2,3-η3]-2-butenyl]tetracarbonyl-, stereoisomer (C8H7O4Re)
  4. Rhenium, tetracarbonyl[(1,2,3-η3)-2-methyl-2-propenyl]- (C8H7O4Re)
  5. Manganese, tetracarbonyl(1-methyl-π-allyl)- (C8H7MnO4)
  6. Rhenium, tetracarbonyl(η3-2-propenyl)- (C7H5O4Re)