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Andoni, E.; Cauletti, C.; Furlani, C., Electronic structure and bonding in 2,2-diphenyl-1,3-dithiacyclopentanes of IV a group elements studied by UV photoelectron spectroscopy, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 1983, 76, 35.

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  1. 1,3-Dithia-2-silacyclopentane, 2,2-diphenyl- (C14H14S2Si)
  2. 1,3,2-Dithiastannolane,2,2-dimethyl- (C4H10S2Sn)
  3. 1,3,2-Dithiaplumbacyclopentane, 2,2-diphenyl- (C14H14PbS2)
  4. 1,3,2-Dithiastannacyclopentane, 2,2-diphenyl- (C14H14S2Sn)