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Sidorov, L.N.; Gubarevich, G.D., Dissociation of the Gaseous Complex Fluorides. Alkali Metal Trifluoromanganates and Tetrafluoromanganates, Koord. Khim., 1982, 8, 12708c.

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  1. manganese difluoride (F2Mn)
  2. lithium tetrafluoroaluminate (AlF4Li)
  3. MnF2..F anion (F3Mn-)
  4. Fluorine anion (F-)
  5. manganese difluoride anion (F2Mn-)
  6. LiAlF4..MnF3 anion (AlF7LiMn-)
  7. MnF2..MnF3 anion (F5Mn2-)