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Louwen, J.N.; Hart, J.; Stufkens, D.J.; Oskam, A., The HeI and HeII photoelectron spectra of [Fe «eta»3-C3H5(CO)3X] and [Fe «eta»3-C4H7(CO)3X] (X = Cl, Br, I) and [CoC3H5(CO)3], Z. Naturforsch. B:, 1982, 37, 179.

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  1. Iron, tricarbonyliodo(«eta»3-2-propenyl)- (C6H5FeIO3)
  2. Cobalt, «eta»3-allyl tricarbonyl (C6H5CoO3)
  3. Iron, tricarbonylchloro(«eta»3-2-propenyl)- (C6H5ClFeO3)
  4. Iron, bromotricarbonyl(«eta»3-2-propenyl)- (C6H5BrFeO3)
  5. Iron, «eta»3-(2-methylallyl) tricarbonyl chloride (C7H7ClFeO3)
  6. Iron, «eta»3-(2-methylallyl) tricarbonyl bromide (C7H7BrFeO3)
  7. Iron, «eta»3-(2-methylallyl) tricarbonyl iodide (C7H7FeIO3)