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Sorokin, I.D.; Sidorov, L.N.; Nikitin, M.I.; Skokan, E.V., Mass-spectrometric determination of the enthalpies of dissociation of gaseous complex fluorides into neutral and charged particles. V. Heats of formation of FeF3- and FeF4-, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Phys., 1981, 41, 45.

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  1. iron difluoride (F2Fe)
  2. iron trifluoride (F3Fe)
  3. FeF3..F anion (F4Fe-)
  4. FeF3..FeF4 anion (F7Fe2-)
  5. FeF2..FeF3 anion (F5Fe2-)
  6. iron trifluoride anion (F3Fe-)
  7. Fluorine anion (F-)
  8. F- (F-)