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MacNaughton, R.M.; Bloor, J.E.; Sherrod, R.E.; Schweitzer, G.K., The He(I) photoelectron psectra of some gaseous 3d-transition metal dihalides, J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom., 1981, 22, 1.

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  1. iron dichloride (Cl2Fe)
  2. nickel dichloride (Cl2Ni)
  3. iron dibromide (Br2Fe)
  4. cobalt dichloride (Cl2Co)
  5. Trisilver trichloride (Ag3Cl3)
  6. Tricopper trichloride (Cl3Cu3)
  7. Trisilver tribromide (Ag3Br3)
  8. manganese dichloride (Cl2Mn)
  9. nickel dibromide (Br2Ni)
  10. cobalt dibromide (Br2Co)
  11. chromium dichloride (Cl2Cr)
  12. Tricopper tribromide (Br3Cu3)
  13. manganese dibromide (Br2Mn)
  14. Chromium bromide (Br2Cr)