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Green, J.C.; Mingos, D.M.P.; Seddon, E.A., Ultraviolet photoelectron studies on bonding in some metal carbonyl and metal hydrido carbonyl clusters, Inorg. Chem., 1981, 20, 2595.

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  1. Osmium, dodecacarbonyltri-, triangulo (C12O12Os3)
  2. Tri-ruthenium dodecacarbonyl (C12O12Ru3)
  3. Tetracobalt dodecacarbonyl (C12Co4O12)
  4. Trirhenium, dodecacarbonyl trihydride (C12H3O12Re3)
  5. Hexaosmium, octadecacarbonyl (C18O18Os6)
  6. Triosmium, decacarbonyl dihydride (C10H2O10Os3)
  7. Tetrarhenium, dodecacarbonyl tetrahydride (C12H4O12Re4)
  8. Tetraosmium, dodecacarbonyl tetrahydride (C12H4O12Os4)