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Baidin, V.N.; Chizhov, Y.V.; Timoshenko, M.M.; Sokolikova, O.K.; Grishin, Y.K.; Ustynyuk, Y.A., The photoelectron spectra of alkylmercury chlorides, J. Struct. Chem., 1981, 22, 616, In original 164.

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  1. Mercury, chloromethyl- (CH3ClHg)
  2. Mercury, chloroethyl- (C2H5ClHg)
  3. Isopropyl mercuric chloride (C3H7ClHg)
  4. Chloropropylmercury (C3H7ClHg)
  5. n-Butyl mercury chloride (C4H9ClHg)
  6. n-Hexylmercuric chloride (C6H13ClHg)
  7. Mercury, chloro(cyclohexyl) (C6H11ClHg)
  8. Sec-butylmercuric chloride (C4H9ClHg)
  9. Isopentyl mercuric chloride (C5H11ClHg)
  10. Isobutylmercuric chloride (C4H9ClHg)
  11. Tert-butylmercuric chloride (C4H9ClHg)
  12. Mercury, chloropentyl- (C5H11ClHg)