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Daamen, H.; Oskam, A.; Stufkens, D.J., U.V. photoelectron (He I and He II) studies of M(CO)5PR3 (M = Cr, W and R = C6H11, C6H5, O-i-C3H7, OC6H5) and W(CO)5As(C6H5)3, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 1980, 38, 71.

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  1. Phosphine, triphenyl- (C18H15P)
  2. Arsine, triphenyl- (C18H15As)
  3. Chromium, pentacarbonyl(triphenylphosphine)- (C23H15CrO5P)
  4. Tungsten, pentacarbonyl(triphenylphosphine)-, (OC-6-22)- (C23H15O5PW)
  5. Phosphorous acid, triphenyl ester (C18H15O3P)
  6. Triisopropyl phosphite (C9H21O3P)
  7. Tungsten,pentacarbonyl(triphenylarsine)- (C23H15AsO5W)
  8. Tungsten,pentacarbonyl(triphenylphosphite-p)- (C23H15O8PW)
  9. Molybdenum,pentacarbonyl(tricyclohexylphosphine)-(oc-6-22)- (C23H33MoO5P)
  10. Phosphine, tricyclohexyl- (C18H33P)
  11. Chromium, pentacarbonyl[tris(isopropyl)phosphite-p]- (C14H21CrO8P)
  12. Chromium,pentacarbonyl(tricyclohexylphosphine)- (C23H33CrO5P)
  13. Tungsten,pentacarbonyl(tricyclohexylphosphine)- (C23H33O5PW)
  14. Chromium,pentacarbonyl(triphenylphosphite-p)- (C23H15CrO8P)
  15. Tungsten triisopropylphosphite pentacarbonyl (C14H21O8PW)