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Zeltner, P.; Huber, G.A.; Peters, R.; Tatrai, F.; Boksanyi, L.; Kovats, E.S., Preparation of Branched Paraffins in the Oligomer Range, Helv. Chim. Acta, 1979, 62, 2495.

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  1. Formamide, N-cyclohexyl- (C7H13NO)
  2. 28,28-diethyl-23,33-didocosyltetrapentacontane (C103H208)
  3. 11,16-didecylhexacosane (C46H94)
  4. 4,4-diethylheptanoic acid (C11H22O2)
  5. 7,12-dihexyloctadecane (C30H62)