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Lewis, G.A.; Enever, R.P., Solution thermodynamics of some potentially long-acting norethindrone derivatives. I. Variation of enthalpies and entropies of fusion with temperature, Int. J. Pharm., 1979, 22, 203-214.

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  1. Norethindrone (C20H26O)
  2. Norethindrone Acetate (C22H28O2)
  3. Norethindrone trans-3-(4-butylcyclohexyl)propionate (C33H48O2)
  4. Norethindrone trans-4-hexylcyclohexylcarboxylate (C33H34O2)
  5. Norethindrone-6-(4-chlorophenyl)-hexanoate (C32H39ClO2)
  6. Norethindrone 4-cyclohexylbenzoate (C33H40O2)
  7. Norethindrone dimethylpropionate (C25H34O2)
  8. norethisterone enantate (C27H38O2)
  9. Norethindrone pentamethyldisiloxyl ether (C25H40O2Si2)
  10. Norethindrone biphenyl-4-carboxylate (C33H34O2)