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Colonna, F.P.; Distefano, G.; Guerra, M.; Jones, D.; Modelli, A., Furyl- and thienyl-mercury derivatives studied by means of ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy. Evidence for the participation in bonding of the vacant 6p «pi» orbitals of mercury in bis-2-furyl-bis-2-thienylmercury, J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans., 1979, 2037.

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  1. Furan, 2-methyl- (C5H6O)
  2. Thiophene, 2-methyl- (C5H6S)
  3. Thiophene, 3-methyl- (C5H6S)
  4. Furan, 3-methyl- (C5H6O)
  5. Mercury, chloro-2-thienyl- (C4H3ClHgS)
  6. Mercury, chloro(3-furanylmethyl)- (C5H5ClHgO)
  7. Mercury, chloro(3-thienylmethyl)- (C5H5ClHgS)
  8. Mercury, chloro-3-thienyl- (C4H3ClHgS)
  9. Mercury, chloro-3-furanyl- (C4H3ClHgO)
  10. Chloro(2-furyl)mercury (C4H3ClHgO)
  11. Mercury, di-2-furanyl- (C8H6HgO2)
  12. Mercury, di-3-furanyl- (C8H6HgO2)
  13. Mercury,di-3-thienyl- (C8H6HgS2)
  14. Mercury,di-2-thienyl- (C8H6HgS2)