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Andreocci, M.V.; Cauletti, C.; Furlani, C.; King, R.B., UV photoelectron study of mononuclear metal complexes of methylaminobis(difluorophosphine), Inorg. Chem., 1979, 18, 954.

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  1. Molybdenum, tris(methylimidodiphosphorous tetrafluoride-p,p')- (C3H9F12MoN3P6)
  2. Chromium, tris(methylimidodiphosphorous tetrafluoride-p,p')- (C3H9CrF12N3P6)
  3. Tungsten, tris(methylimidodiphosphorus tetrafluoride-p,p')- (C3H9F12N3P6W)
  4. Bis(difluorophosphino)methylamine (CH3F4NP2)