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Kuck, D.; Grutzmacher, H.F., Hydrogen rearrangement in molecular ions of alkyl benzenes: appearance potentials and substituent effects on the formation of [C7H8]+ ions, Org. Mass Spectrom., 1978, 13, 81.

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  1. Benzene, 1,1'-(1,3-propanediyl)bis- (C15H16)
  2. Benzene,1-methoxy-3-[3-(4-methoxy-d3-phenyl)propyl]- (C17H17D3O2)
  3. Benzene,1-methoxy-4-(3-phenylpropyl)- (C16H18O)
  4. Benzene,1-methoxy-3-(3-phenylpropyl)- (C16H18O)