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Herrmann, A.; Leutwyler, S.; Schumacher, E.; Woste, L., 38. On metal-atom clusters IV. Photoionization thresholds and multiphoton ionization spectra of alkali-metal molecules, Helv. Chim. Acta, 1978, 61, 453.

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  1. Disodium (Na2)
  2. Dipotassium (K2)
  3. Sodium trimer (Na3)
  4. Potassium sodide (KNa)
  5. Potassium trimer (K3)
  6. Sodium tetramer (Na4)
  7. Sodium pentamer (Na5)
  8. Sodium octamer (Na8)
  9. Potassium, compound with sodium(1:2) (KNa2)
  10. Potassium heptamer (K7)
  11. Potassium tetramer (K4)
  12. Sodium heptamer (Na7)
  13. Sodium hexamer (Na6)
  14. Potassium pentamer (K5)
  15. Potassium, compound with sodium (2:1) (K2Na)
  16. Potassium octamer (K8)
  17. Dipotassium disodium (K2Na2)
  18. Potassium, compound with sodium(1:3) (KNa3)
  19. Potassium, compound with sodium(1:4) (KNa4)
  20. Potassium, compound with sodium(1:5) (KNa5)
  21. Sodium dodecamer (Na12)
  22. Sodium tridecamer (Na13)
  23. Sodium undecamer (Na11)
  24. Sodium decamer (Na10)
  25. Sodium nonamer (Na9)
  26. Sodium tetradecamer (Na14)