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Egdell, R.G.; Orchard, A.F., Photoelectron spectra of the group IVA halides, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. 2, 1978, 74, 485.

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  1. Titanium tetrachloride (Cl4Ti)
  2. zirconium tetrachloride (Cl4Zr)
  3. titanium tetraiodide (I4Ti)
  4. titanium tetrabromide (Br4Ti)
  5. zirconium tetrabromide (Br4Zr)
  6. zirconium tetraiodide (I4Zr)
  7. hafnium tetrachloride (Cl4Hf)
  8. hafnium tetrabromide (Br4Hf)
  9. Hafnium tetraiodide (HfI4)