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Daamen, H.; Boxhoorn, G.; Oskam, A., U. V. photoelectron (He I and He II) studies of M(CO)5PX3 (M=Cr, Mo, W and X=F, Cl, Br), Inorg. Chim. Acta, 1978, 28, 263.

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  1. Phosphorus trichloride (Cl3P)
  2. Phosphorus trifluoride (F3P)
  3. Phosphorus tribromide (Br3P)
  4. Chromium, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus trifluoride)- (C5CrF3O5P)
  5. Tungsten, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus trichloride)- (C5Cl3O5PW)
  6. Molybdenum, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus trichloride)- (C5Cl3MoO5P)
  7. Chromium, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus trichloride)- (C5Cl3CrO5P)
  8. Tungsten, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus trifluoride- (C5F3O5PW)
  9. Chromium, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus tribromide)- (C5Br3CrO5P)
  10. Molybdenum, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus trifluoride)- (C5F3MoO5P)
  11. Molybdenum, pentacarbonyl(phosphorus tribromide)- (C5Br3MoO5P)