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Smoes, S.; Drowart, J.; Welter, J.M., Thermodynamic study of the vaporization of europium monosulfide by Knudsen-cell mass spectrometry atomization energies of EuS(g), Eu2S(g), EuS2(g), Eu2O(g), Eu2O2(g), Eu2OS(g), and Eu2S2(g), J. Chem. Thermodyn., 1977, 9, 275.

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  1. Sulfur dimer (S2)
  2. sulfur (S)
  3. europium sulphide (EuS)
  4. Dieuropium monosulfide (Eu2S)
  5. Dieuropium disulfide (Eu2S2)
  6. Europium disulfide (EuS2)