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Harris, D.H.; Lappert, M.F.; Pedley, J.B.; Sharp, G.J., Bonding studies of compounds of group 3-5 elements. Part XVIII. He(I) photoelectron spectra of bivalent homoleptic alkyls and amides, especially of group 4 elements, and of tin(II) chloride and bromide, J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans., 1976, 945.

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  1. Hexamethyldisilazane (C6H19NSi2)
  2. Zinc, bis(hexamethyldisilylamide) (C12H36N2Si4Zn)
  3. Tin(II) chloride (Cl2Sn)
  4. tin dibromide (Br2Sn)
  5. Germanium, bis[(trimethylsilyl)(1,1-dimethylethyl)]amino- (C14H36GeN2Si2)
  6. Tin, bis[(trimethylsilyl)(1,1-dimethylethyl)]amino- (C14H36N2Si2Sn)
  7. Germanium, bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)]amino- (C12H36GeN2Si4)
  8. Lead, bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)]amino- (C12H36N2PbSi4)
  9. 2,6-Disila-4-mercuraheptane, 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-bis(trimethylsilyl)- (C14H38HgSi4)
  10. Silanamine, 1,1,1-trimethyl-N-(trimethylsilyl)-, mercury(2+) salt (C12H36HgN2Si4)
  11. tert-Butylamine, TMS derivative (C7H19NSi)
  12. Germylene, bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)methyl]- (C14H38GeSi4)
  13. Lead, bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)methyl]- (C14H38PbSi4)
  14. Tin, bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)]amino- (C12H36N2Si4Sn)
  15. Tin, bis[bis(trimethylsilyl)methyl]- (C14H38Si4Sn)