copper bromide

Constants of diatomic molecules

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: Klaus P. Huber and Gerhard H. Herzberg

Data collected through November, 1975

Symbols used in the table of constants
State electronic state and / or symmetry symbol
Te minimum electronic energy (cm-1)
ωe vibrational constant – first term (cm-1)
ωexe vibrational constant – second term (cm-1)
ωeye vibrational constant – third term (cm-1)
Be rotational constant in equilibrium position (cm-1)
αe rotational constant – first term (cm-1)
γe rotation-vibration interaction constant (cm-1)
De centrifugal distortion constant (cm-1)
βe rotational constant – first term, centrifugal force (cm-1)
re internuclear distance (Å)
Trans. observed transition(s) corresponding to electronic state
ν00 position of 0-0 band (units noted in table)
Diatomic constants for 63Cu79Br
D (1Σ+) 25538.6 281.9 H 1.35        D → X R 25522.1 H
missing citation
C 1Σ+ (0+) 23460.9 294.7 1 Z 1.06  0.0942 1 0.00041  0.00000003  2.261 C ↔ X R 23450.9 Z
Ritschl, 1927; missing citation
B (1Π) 23044.7 284.22 H 1.32        B ↔ X 2 R 23029.3 H
Ritschl, 1927
A (1Π) 20498.5 296.13 H 1.01        A ↔ X 2 R 20489.2 H
Ritschl, 1927
X 1Σ+ 0 314.8 $bZ 0.96  0.10192625 0.00045214 3  4.2737E-08 4 -1.87E-11 2.173441 5  
Manson, De Lucia, et al., 1975


1Vibrational and rotational constants derived from data for the C-X system of 63Cu81Br [Tables II and III of Rao and Apparao, 1967] using μi/μ = 1.01108.
2These bands appear to have R and Q heads Rao and Apparao, 1965.
3αv= +6.78E-7(v+1/2)2 - 1.0E-9(v+1/2)3.
4He = -5.074E-15.
5Microwave sp.
6Thermochemical value Brewer and Lofgren, 1950.
7From the corrected Be = 0.1019274.


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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