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Hall, M.B., The use of spin-orbit coupling in the interpretation of photoelectron spectra. I. Application to substituted rhenium pentacarbonyls, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1975, 97, 2057.

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  1. Dirhenium decacarbonyl (C10O10Re2)
  2. Hydromanganese pentacarbonyl (C5HMnO5)
  3. Methyl rhenium pentacarbonyl (C6H3O5Re)
  4. Rhenium, pentacarbonylchloro- (C5ClO5Re)
  5. bromopentacarbonylrhenium (C5BrO5Re)
  6. Rhenium, pentacarbonyliodo- (C5IO5Re)
  7. Rhenium, pentacarbonylhydro- (C5HO5Re)
  8. Rhenium, pentacarbonyl(trifluoroacetyl)- (C7F3O6Re)