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Gyorosi, P.; Hvistendahl, G.; Undheim, K., Mass spectrometry of some triphenylcyclopropenium salts. Competition between dimerisation and adduct formation, Org. Mass Spectrom., 1975, 10, 744.

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  1. Benzene, 1,1',1'',1''',1'''',1'''''-[bi-2-cyclopropen-1-yl]-1,1',2,2',3,3'-hexaylhexakis- (C42H30)
  2. Hexaphenylbenzene (C42H30)
  3. Cyclopropenium,triphenyl-,tetrafluoroborate(1-) (C21H15BF4)
  4. Cyclopropenylium,triphenyl-, chloride (C21H15Cl)
  5. Cyclopropenylium, triphenyl-, bromide (C21H15Br)
  6. Cyclopropenylium, triphenyl-, iodide (C21H15I)