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Lappert, M.F.; Pedley, J.B.; Sharp, G.J.; Westwood, N.P.C., Bonding studies of compounds of boron and the Group III and IV elements. XII. Variable temperature HeI photoelectron spectra of Group III halides, 2MX3<=>M2X6(M=Al or Ga, X=Cl, Br, or I), J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom., 1974, 3, 237.

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  1. aluminium chloride (AlCl3)
  2. aluminium bromide (AlBr3)
  3. aluminium iodide (AlI3)
  4. Aluminum, di-μ-chlorotetrachlorodi- (Al2Cl6)
  5. Dialuminum hexabromide (Al2Br6)
  6. gallium trichloride (Cl3Ga)
  7. gallium tribromide (Br3Ga)
  8. gallium triiodide (GaI3)
  9. Digallium hexachloride (Cl6Ga2)
  10. AlCl3+ (AlCl3+)
  11. AlBr3+ (AlBr3+)