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Burroughs, P.; Evans, S.; Hamnett, A.; Orchard, A.F.; Richardson, N.V., He-I photoelectron spectra of some d (0) transition metal compounds, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans. 2, 1974, 70, 1895.

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  1. Titanium tetrachloride (Cl4Ti)
  2. vanadium trichloride oxide (Cl3OV)
  3. titanium tetrabromide (Br4Ti)
  4. osmium tetraoxide (O4Os)
  5. ruthenium tetraoxide (O4Ru)
  6. Molybdenum dichloride dioxide (Cl2MoO2)
  7. tin tetraiodide (I4Sn)
  8. germanium tetraiodide (GeI4)