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Huber, H.; Klotzbucher, W.; Ozin, G.A.; Vander Voet, A., Binary Dioxygen Complexes of Nickel, Palladium, and Platinum, M(O, Can J. Chem., 1973, 51, 16, 2722, https://doi.org/10.1139/v73-408 .

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  1. cyc-NiO2 (NiO2)
  2. cyc-PtO2 (O2Pt)
  3. cyc-PdO2 (O2Pd)
  4. O2PdO2 (O4Pd)
  5. O2PtO2 (O4Pt)
  6. O2NiO2 (NiO4)