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Cradock, S.; Ebsworth, E.A.V.; Robertson, A., Photoelectron spectra of some silyl and germyl transition-metal carbonyls and related specis, J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans., 1973, 22.

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  1. Cobalt, tetracarbonylhydro- (C4HCoO4)
  2. Manganese, pentacarbonyl(trimethylsilyl)- (C8H9MnO5Si)
  3. Rhenium, pentacarbonylhydro- (C5HO5Re)
  4. Cobalt, tetracarbonylsilyl- (C4H3CoO4Si)
  5. Manganese, pentacarbonylsilyl- (C5H3MnO5Si)
  6. Manganese, pentacarbonylgermyl- (C5H3GeMnO5)
  7. Cobalt, tetracarbonylgermyl- (C4H3CoGeO4)
  8. Rhenium, pentacarbonylgermyl- (C5H3GeO5Re)
  9. Rhenium, pentacarbonylsilyl- (C5H3O5ReSi)
  10. SiF3Br+ (BrF3Si+)
  11. SiF3Cl+ (ClF3Si+)
  12. HSiF3+ (F3HSi+)