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Saalfeld, F.E.; McDowell, M.V.; MacDiarmid, A.G.; Highsmith, R.E., Nature of the bonding between silicon and the cobalt tetracarbonyl group in silylcobalt tetracarbonyl. III. Mass spectral studies of trichlorosilyltrifluorophosphine cobalt carbonyl derivatives, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Phys., 1972, 9, 197.

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  1. Cobalt, tricarbonyl(phosphorus trifluoride)(trichlorosilyl)- (C3Cl3CoF3O3PSi)
  2. Cobalt, dicarbonyl(bis(phosphorus trifluoride)(trichlorosilyl)- (C2Cl3CoF6O2P2Si)