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Nikolaev, P.N.; Safonov, V.A.; Moseeva, E.M.; Rabinovich, I.B., Specific heat and solid-state transitions of bis(arene)chromium halides, Tr. Khim. Khim. Tekhnol., 1972, (2), 54-60.

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  1. Bis(benzene)chromium iodide (C12H12CrI)
  2. Bis(benzene)chromium chloride (C12H12ClCr)
  3. Bis(mesitylene)chromium iodide (C18H24CrI)
  4. Bis(ethylbenzene)chromium (C16H20Cr)
  5. bis[(1,2,3,4,5,6-η)-1,1'-biphenyl]chromium(1+) iodide (C24H20CrI)
  6. Bis(m-xylene)chromium iodide (C16H20CrI)
  7. Bis(toluene)chromium iodide (C14H16CrI)
  8. Bis(diisopropylbenzene)chromium (C24H36Cr)