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Cope, A.F.G.; Gannon, D.J.; Parsonage, N.G., Thermodynamic properties of thiourea + hydrocarbon adducts from 12 to 300K. The heat capacities and entropies of the adducts of c-C6H12, c-C7H14, c-C8H16, and (CH3)3C.C2H5, J. Chem. Thermodynam., 1972, 4, 829-842.

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  1. Thiourea-cyclohexane adduct (C9H24N6S3)
  2. Cycloheptane-thiourea adduct (C10H26N6S3)
  3. Thiourea-2,2-dimethylbutane adduct (C18·H176·N12S6)
  4. Thiourea-cyclooctane adduct (C11H28N6S3)