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Sullivan, C.L.; Prusaczyk, J.E.; Carlson, K.D., Molecules in the equilibrium vaporization of antimony sulfide and selenide, J. Chem. Phys., 1970, 53, 1289.

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  1. Antimony monoselenide (SbSe)
  2. Diantimony diselenide (Sb2Se2)
  3. Diantimony disulfide (S2Sb2)
  4. Antimony monosulfide (SSb)
  5. Triantimony disulfide (S2Sb3)
  6. antimony sulphide (S3Sb2)
  7. Triantimony diselenide (Sb3Se2)
  8. Tetraantimony tetraselenide (Sb4Se4)
  9. Tetraantimony triselenide (Sb4Se3)
  10. Tetraantimony pentasulfide (S5Sb4)
  11. Diantimony tetraselenide (Sb2Se4)
  12. Triantimony monoselenide (Sb3Se)
  13. Triantimony tetrasulfide (S4Sb3)
  14. Tetraantimony trisulfide (S3Sb4)
  15. diantimony tetrasulphide (S4Sb2)
  16. diantimony triselenide (Sb2Se3)