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Flesch, G.D.; White, R.M.; Svec, H.J., The Positive and Negative Ion Mass Spectra of Chromyl Chloride and Chromyl Fluoride, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Phys., 1969, 3, 5, 239, https://doi.org/10.1016/0020-7381(69)80079-3 .

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  1. chromium dioxide (CrO2)
  2. Chromium monoxide (CrO)
  3. chromium difluoride (CrF2)
  4. Chromium monofluoride (CrF)
  5. chromium difluoride anion (CrF2-)
  6. CrF radical anion (CrF-)
  7. chromium dichloride (Cl2Cr)
  8. chromium dioxide anion (CrO2-)
  9. CrO radical anion (CrO-)
  10. chromium dichloride anion (Cl2Cr-)
  11. CrO2Cl (ClCrO2)
  12. CrOCl2 radical anion (Cl2CrO-)
  13. CrOCl radical anion (ClCrO-)
  14. CrOF2 radical anion (CrF2O-)
  15. CrCl radical anion (ClCr-)
  16. CrOF radical anion (CrFO-)
  17. CrO2Cl anion (ClCrO2-)
  18. CrO2F anion (CrFO2-)
  19. CrOCl2 radical (Cl2CrO)
  20. CrOCl radical (ClCrO)
  21. CrOF2 radical (CrF2O)
  22. CrCl radical (ClCr)
  23. CrOF radical (CrFO)
  24. CrO2F (CrFO2)