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Uy, O.M.; Muenow, D.W.; Ficalora, P.J.; Margrave, J.L., Mass spectrometric studies at high temperatures. Part 30. Vaporization of Ga2S3, Ga2Se3 and Ga2Te3, and stabilities of the gaseous gallium chalcogenides, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans., 1968, 64, 2998.

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  1. Ditellurium (Te2)
  2. Selenium dimer (Se2)
  3. Digallium monoxide (Ga2O)
  4. Digallium sulfide (Ga2S)
  5. Digalllium monoselenide (Ga2Se)
  6. Digallium monotelluride (Ga2Te)
  7. Digallium ditelluride (Ga2Te2)
  8. gallium telluride (GaTe)
  9. gallium ditelluride (GaTe2)