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Distefano, G.; Innorta, G., Iron-phosphorus bond dissociation energies in tetrahedral iron carbonyl nitrosyl complexes, J. Organometal. Chem., 1968, 14, 465.

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  1. Tri-n-butylphosphite-p-iron carbonyl dinitrosyl (C13H27FeN2O6P)
  2. Trimethylphosphite(p) iron carbonyl dinitrosyl (C4H9FeN2O6P)
  3. Triethylphosphite(p)iron carbonyl dinitrosyl (C7H15FeN2O6P)
  4. Bis(triethylphosphite-p-)iron dinitrosyl (C12H30FeN2O8P2)
  5. Bis(trimethylphosphite-p-)iron dinitrosyl (C6H18FeN2O8P2)
  6. Tri-n-butylphosphine-iron carbonyl dinitrosyl (C13H27FeN2O3P)