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Colin, R.; Drowart, J., Mass spectrometric determination of dissociation energies of gaseous indium sulphides, selenides and tellurides, J. Chem. Soc. Faraday Trans., 1968, 64, 2611.

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  1. Ditellurium (Te2)
  2. Selenium dimer (Se2)
  3. Diindium selenide (In2Se)
  4. Diindium monosulfide (In2S)
  5. Indium monoxide (InO)
  6. Indium, compound with selenium (1:1) (InSe)
  7. diindium trisulphide (In2S2)
  8. Diindium monotelluride (In2Te)
  9. Indium monotelluride (InTe)
  10. indium sulphide (InS)
  11. Diindium ditelluride (In2Te2)
  12. Indium ditelluride (InTe2)