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Emel«65533»us, H.J.; Welcman, N., 237. Heptafluoropropyl derivatives of selenium, J. Chem. Soc., 1963, 1268, https://doi.org/10.1039/jr9630001268 .

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  1. (Heptafluoro-1-propane) selenyl chloride (C3ClF7Se)
  2. (Heptafluoro-1-propane) selenyl bromide (C3BrF7Se)
  3. bis[(trifluoromethyl)seleno]methane (C3H2F6Se2)
  4. Methyl(heptafluoropropyl) selenide (C4H3F7Se)
  5. bis(heptafluoropropyl) diselenide (C6F14Se2)
  6. Ethyl(heptafluoropropyl) selenide (C5H5F7Se)
  7. Methyl(trifluoromethyl)selenide (C2H3F3Se)
  8. bis(heptafluoropropyl) selenide (C6F14Se)
  9. Ethyl(trifluoromethyl)selenide (C3H5F3Se)
  10. N,N-dimethyl(heptafluoropropyl)selenenamide (C5H6F7NSe)
  11. N,N-dimethyl(trifluoromethyl)selenenamide (C3H6F3NSe)