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McGee, H.L.; Crimi, J.S.; Schwartz, P.M., Some Physical Properties of Long-Chained Esters of Dibasic Acids, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 1962, 7, 102.

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  1. Butanedioic acid, didodecyl ester (C28H54O4)
  2. Didodecyl hexanedioate (C30H58O4)
  3. glutaric acid, decyl ester (C15H28O4)
  4. dioctadecyl succinate (C40H78O4)
  5. Butanedioic acid, 1-dodecyl ester (C16H30O4)
  6. dioctadecyl glutarate (C41H80O4)
  7. monostearyl succinate (C22H42O4)
  8. monostearyl glutarate (C23H44O4)
  9. docosyl hydrogen glutarate (C27H52O4)
  10. didocosyl succinate (C48H94O4)
  11. didocosyl glutarate (C49H96O4)
  12. didocosyl adipate (C50H98O4)