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Hubbard, W.N.; Douslin, D.R.; McCullough, J.P.; Scott, D.W.; Todd, S.S.; Messerly, J.F.; Hossenlopp, I.A.; George, A.; Waddington, G., 2,3-dithiabutane, 3,4-dithiahexane and 4,5-dithiaoctane: Chemical thermodynamic properties from 0 to 1000°K, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1958, 80, 3547-3554.

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  1. Disulfide, dimethyl (C2H6S2)
  2. Diethyl disulfide (C4H10S2)
  3. Disulfide, dipropyl (C6H14S2)