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Mortimer, C.T.; Pritchard, H.O.; Skinner, H.A., Thermochemistry of metallic alkyls. Part V.?Mercury di-propyl and mercury di-isopropyl, Trans. Faraday Soc., 1952, 48, 220, https://doi.org/10.1039/tf9524800220 .

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  1. Mercury diiodide (HgI2)
  2. Mercury(II) bromide (Br2Hg)
  3. Mercury(II) chloride (Cl2Hg)
  4. Di-n-propyl mercury (C6H14Hg)
  5. Diisopropyl mercury (C6H14Hg)
  6. Isopropyl mercuric chloride (C3H7ClHg)
  7. Chloropropylmercury (C3H7ClHg)
  8. Isopropryl mercuric bromide (C3H7BrHg)
  9. Isopropyl mercuric iodide (C3H7HgI)
  10. n-Propyl mercuric iodide (C3H7HgI)
  11. Hg(Br)(Pr) (C3H7BrHg)