Lithium bromide

Constants of diatomic molecules

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled by: Klaus P. Huber and Gerhard H. Herzberg

Data collected through January, 1977

Symbols used in the table of constants
State electronic state and / or symmetry symbol
Te minimum electronic energy (cm-1)
ωe vibrational constant – first term (cm-1)
ωexe vibrational constant – second term (cm-1)
ωeye vibrational constant – third term (cm-1)
Be rotational constant in equilibrium position (cm-1)
αe rotational constant – first term (cm-1)
γe rotation-vibration interaction constant (cm-1)
De centrifugal distortion constant (cm-1)
βe rotational constant – first term, centrifugal force (cm-1)
re internuclear distance (Å)
Trans. observed transition(s) corresponding to electronic state
ν00 position of 0-0 band (units noted in table)
Diatomic constants for 7Li79Br
Peaks in the electron energy loss spectrum at 6.9 and 8.5 eV Geiger and Pfeiffer, 1968. Continuous absorption above 33000 cm-1, first maximum at ~39000 cm-1. 1
A 2           A ← X 
Berry and Klemperer, 1957
X 1Σ+ 0 563.16 3.53 3 0.02 0.5553990 0.0056442 4 0.0000244 2.159E-6  2.170427 5  
Klemperer and Rice, 1957; Klemperer, Norris, et al., 1960
Rotation sp.
Honig, Mandel, et al., 1954; Rusk and Gordy, 1962; Hebert, Breivogel, et al., 1964
Mol. beam rf electric reson. 6
Hebert, Breivogel, et al., 1964; Hebert and Street, 1969; Hilborn, Gallagher, et al., 1972
Mol. beam magn. reson. 7
Mehran, Brooks, et al., 1966


1Absorption cross sections Davidovits and Brodhead, 1967.
2Diffuse absorption bands at 31560, 31018, 30467, 29879, (29442) cm-1
3Vibrational constants from the infrared spectrum of the natural isotopic mixture.
4Rotational constants evaluated Hebert, Breivogel, et al., 1964 from the microwave results for 6Li79Br.
5Rot.-vibr. Sp. 10
6Dipole moment of 6Li79Br: μel[D] = 7.2262 + 0.0832(v+1/2) + 0.00057(v+1/2)2 Hebert, Breivogel, et al., 1964. For electric quadrupole and other hyperfine coupling constants of the various isotopes see Hebert, Breivogel, et al., 1964, Hebert and Street, 1969, Hilborn, Gallagher, et al., 1972. The Zeeman spectrum was studied by the electric resonance method Cecchi and Ramsey, 1974; gJ(7Li79Br) = 0.11206 superseding an earlier value by the magnetic resonance method Mehran, Brooks, et al., 1966; also 79,81Br nuclear magnetic moments.
7Li nuclear reorientation spectrum Kusch, 1949, Logan, Cote, et al., 1952, Kusch, 1959.
8Thermochemical value Brewer and Brackett, 1961, Bulewicz, Phillips, et al., 1961.
9Maximum of a very broad photoelectron peak with two additional ill-defined peaks at 10.6 and 11.6 eV, the latter possibly due to the dimer (LiBr)2 Goodman, Allen, et al., 1974.
10For IR spectrum in inert gas matrices see Schlick and Schnepp, 1964.


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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