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Phase change data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Data compiled as indicated in comments:
BS - Robert L. Brown and Stephen E. Stein
TRC - Thermodynamics Research Center, NIST Boulder Laboratories, Chris Muzny director
ALS - Hussein Y. Afeefy, Joel F. Liebman, and Stephen E. Stein
DRB - Donald R. Burgess, Jr.
AC - William E. Acree, Jr., James S. Chickos
DH - Eugene S. Domalski and Elizabeth D. Hearing

Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Tboil354. ± 2.KAVGN/AAverage of 7 values; Individual data points
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Tfus184.KN/AWhite and Bishop, 1940Crystal phase 1 phase; Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 4. K; TRC
Tfus168.4KN/AKistiakowsky, Ruhoff, et al., 1936Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.3 K; TRC
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Ttriple161.0KN/AGeipel and Wolf, 1976Uncertainty assigned by TRC = 0.2 K; TRC
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment
Δvap33.17 ± 0.05kJ/molVSteele, Chirico, et al., 1989ALS
Δvap33.2kJ/molN/ASteele, Chirico, et al., 1989DRB
Δvap33.kJ/molVRogers, 1972ALS

Enthalpy of vaporization

ΔvapH (kJ/mol) Temperature (K) Method Reference Comment
32.6322.A,EBStephenson and Malanowski, 1987Based on data from 307. - 364. K. See also Meyer and Hotz, 1973.; AC
32.4308.MMLetcher and Marsicano, 1974Based on data from 304. - 322. K.; AC

Antoine Equation Parameters

log10(P) = A − (B / (T + C))
    P = vapor pressure (bar)
    T = temperature (K)

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Temperature (K) A B C Reference
307.33 - 363.313.99035 ± 0.000481206.00 ± 0.87-50.83 ± 0.10Meyer and Hotz, 1973

Enthalpy of fusion

ΔfusH (kJ/mol) Temperature (K) Reference Comment
4.2045161.0Geipel and Wolf, 1976, 2DH
4.2161.Domalski and Hearing, 1996AC

Entropy of fusion

ΔfusS (J/mol*K) Temperature (K) Reference Comment
26.11161.0Geipel and Wolf, 1976, 2DH

In addition to the Thermodynamics Research Center (TRC) data available from this site, much more physical and chemical property data is available from the following TRC products:


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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