Reaction Search for L-Glutamine anion

Please follow the steps below to conduct your search (Help):

  1. C5H9N2O3- +  =  + 
  2. Select any desired options for the search.

  3. (Help)
  4. Select the desired units for thermodynamic data:

Reaction Search Help

Rules for rectants / products (step 1) (Back to search)

Search options (step 2) (Back to search)

Match reverse reactions
Match reactions which match the given specifications except for the fact that the reactants and products are swapped.
Allow reactants in addition to those specified
Match reactions which involve additional reactants to those which are specified. This option is especially usefull when only one reactant is specified.
Allow products in addition to those specified
Match reactions which produce additional products to those which are specified.
Exclude reactions which contain ions
This option excludes reactions which involve ions as reactants or products.

Reaction type help (step 3) (Back to search)

Searches may be restricted by selecting the desired reaction type. There are three options for reaction type:

Any reaction
No restrictions are placed on the reaction type.
Ion clustering
Searches are limited to ion clustering reactions.
Searches are limited to disassociation reactions.