C2H4O+ (structure unspecified)

Gas phase ion energetics data

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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

Reactions leading to C2H4O+ (ion structure unspecified)

Precursor AP (eV) Other Products Method Reference Comment
C2H6O~10.45H2EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C3H4O310.4CO2EITerlouw, Wezenberg, et al., 1983 
C3H4O310.7 ± 0.2CO2EITerlouw, Wezenberg, et al., 1983 
C3H4O310.32 ± 0.05CO2EIBuschek, Holmes, et al., 1987Ion is CH3OCH+
C3H4O311.34 ± 0.05CH2O2EIBuschek, Holmes, et al., 1987Ion is c-C2H4O+
C3H6O210.30CH2OEIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C3H6O210.87CH2OEIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C3H6O211.56?EICollin and Conde, 1966 
C3H6O310.49 ± 0.05CH2O2EIBuschek, Holmes, et al., 1987Ion is CH2OCH2+
C3H8O10.27 ± 0.09CH4EIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C3H8O10.26CH4EIHolmes, Burgers, et al., 1982 
C3H8O10.23 ± 0.02CH4PIPotapov and Sorokin, 1972 
C3H8O10.27 ± 0.03CH4PIRefaey and Chupka, 1968 
C4H8O10.19C2H4EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C4H8O12.27C2H4EICollin and Conde-Caprace, 1966 
C4H8O10.52C2H4EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C4H8O9.96 ± 0.03C2H4PIBouchoux, Alcaraz, et al., 1994 
C4H8O9.87C2H4EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C4H8O210.39 ± 0.05C2H4OPIPECOFraser-Monteiro, Fraser-Monteiro, et al., 1982T = 298K
C4H8O210.90?EICollin and Conde, 1966 
C4H10O10.05 ± 0.02C2H6PIPECOShao, Baer, et al., 1988 
C4H10O10.12C2H6EIBowen and Maccoll, 1984 
C4H10O10.12C2H6EIHolmes, Burgers, et al., 1982 
C4H10O210.26C2H4OEIHolmes, Lossing, et al., 1991 
C5H10O11.40C3H6EIMorgan, Derrick, et al., 1980 
C5H10O10.57C3H6EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C5H10O310.03?EICollin and Conde, 1966 
C5H12O10.1 ± 0.1C3H8EIGeorge and Holmes, 1990 
C6H12O11.40C4H8EIMorgan, Derrick, et al., 1980 
C6H12O11.40C4H8EIMorgan, Derrick, et al., 1980 
C6H12O10.882-C4H8EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 
C6H12O11.60C4H8EIMorgan, Derrick, et al., 1980 
C6H14O~10.7?EIHolmes, Terlouw, et al., 1976 


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Data compilation copyright by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce on behalf of the U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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