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Isobaric Properties for Propene

Fluid Data

Isobaric Data for P = 39.000 bar

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Auxiliary Data

Reference States, IIR Convention

Additional fluid properties


Equation of state and auxiliary model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Transport model

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Auxiliary model

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Surface tension

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Additional Information

Equation of state

The uncertainties of the equation of state are generally 0.1% in density (except in the critical region), 1% in the heat capacity in the vapor phase, and 2-5% in the heat capacity in the liquid phase.

Transport model

Average absolute deviations of the fit from the experimental data were: Galkov: 2.84%; Neduzij: 5.87%; Golubev: 3.08% Overall: 3.77%

Important Information About This Data

The data above are from an older version of the NIST Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties Database (REFPROP version 7). We will be updating our site to use the newer version (version 10) of this database in the future. Information on REFPROP version 10 can be found on theREFPROP web page. REFPROP version 10 includes additional data and features not available from this site.