Isothermal Properties for Water

This option will supply data on a constant temperature curve over the specified pressure range. Values should not extend extend outside the minimum and maximum values given. Calculations are limited to a maxium of 601 data points; increments resulting in a larger number of points will be adjusted upward to limit the number of points computed.

  1. Enter temperature in selected units:
    (Acceptable range: 32.02 to 3140.3 F)
  2. Enter pressure range and increment in selected units:
    * The maximum pressure limit is the lowest of the following values:
    • 145037.74 psia
    • The pressure at which a density of 83.18 lbm/ft3 is reached.
  3. Check here if you want to use the intereactive display (requires JavaScript and HTML 5 canvas capable browser)
  4. Number of digits to be displayed in tables (does not effect accuracy of computations):