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Wincel, H., Hydration energies of deprotonated amino acids from gas phase equilibria measurements, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom., 2008, 19, 8, 1091-1097, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jasms.2008.05.014 .

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  1. Water (H2O)
  2. MeCO2 anion (C2H3O2-)
  3. Glycine anion (C2H4NO2-)
  4. H2O..H2NCOCH2CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C4H9N2O4-)
  5. H2O..pyrrolidine-2-CO2 anion (C5H10NO3-)
  6. L-Phenylalanine anion (C9H10NO2-)
  7. L-Asparagine anion (C4H7N2O3-)
  8. L-Tryptophan anion (C11H11N2O2-)
  9. L-Methionine anion (C5H10NO2S-)
  10. H2O..H2NCH2CO2 anion (C2H6NO3-)
  11. L-Glutamine anion (C5H9N2O3-)
  12. L-Arginine anion (C6H13N4O2-)
  13. H2O..H2NCH(Me)CO2 anion (C3H8NO3-)
  14. L-Proline anion (C5H8NO2-)
  15. L-Lysine anion (C6H13N2O2-)
  16. Alanine anion (C3H6NO2-)
  17. L-Valine anion (C5H10NO2-)
  18. H2O..H2NC(=NH)NH(CH2)3CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C6H15N4O3-)
  19. H2O..3-IndolylCH2CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C11H13N2O3-)
  20. H2O..H2NCOCH2CH2CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C5H11N2O4-)
  21. H2O..MeSCH2CH2CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C5H12NO3S-)
  22. H2O..H2N(CH2)4CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C6H15N2O3-)
  23. H2O..PhCH2CH(NH2)CO2 anion (C9H12NO3-)
  24. H2O..iPrCH(NH2)CO2 anion (C5H12NO3-)