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Wincel, H., Gas-phase Solvation of Cl-, NO2-, CH2NO2-, CH3NO2-, and CH3NO4- by CH3NO2, Int. J. Mass Spectrom., 2003, 226, 3, 341-353, https://doi.org/10.1016/S1387-3806(03)00066-6 .

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  1. Methane, nitro- (CH3NO2)
  2. Nitrogen oxide anion (NO2-)
  3. CH2=NO2 anion (CH2NO2-)
  4. (MeNO2)2..MeNO2 radical anion (C3H9N3O6-)
  5. Chlorine anion (Cl-)
  6. (MeNO2)2..Cl anion (C2H6ClN2O4-)
  7. Nitromethane anion (CH3NO2-)
  8. (MeNO2)4..MeNO2 anion (C5H15N5O10-)
  9. (MeNO2)2..NO2 anion (C2H6N3O6-)
  10. (MeNO2)3..MeNO2 anion (C4H12N4O8-)
  11. (MeNO2)4..NO2 anion (C4H12N5O10-)
  12. (MeNO2)3..NO2 anion (C3H9N4O8-)
  13. MeNO2..NO2 anion (CH3N2O4-)
  14. (MeNO2)4..Cl anion (C4H12ClN4O8-)
  15. (MeNO2)3..Cl anion (C3H9ClN3O6-)
  16. (MeNO2)4..CH2NO2 anion (C5H14N5O10-)
  17. (MeNO2)3..CH2NO2 anion (C4H11N4O8-)
  18. (MeNO2)3..MeNO4 anion (C4H12N4O10-)
  19. (MeNO2)4..MeNO4 anion (C5H15N5O12-)
  20. (MeNO2)2..CH2NO2 anion (C3H8N3O6-)
  21. (MeNO2)2..MeNO4 anion (C3H9N3O8-)
  22. MeNO2..CH2NO2 anion (C2H5N2O4-)
  23. MeNO2..MeNO4 anion (C2H6N2O6-)