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Wang, X.B.; Yang, X.; Nicholas, J.B.; Wang, L.S., Photodetachment of hydrated oxalate dianions in the gas phase, C2O42-(H2O)(n) (n=3-40): From solvated clusters to nanodroplet, J. Chem. Phys., 2003, 119, 7, 3631-3640, https://doi.org/10.1063/1.1590641 .

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  1. (H2O)6..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H12O10-2)
  2. (H2O)7..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H14O11-2)
  3. (H2O)8..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H16O12-2)
  4. (H2O)9..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H18O13-2)
  5. (H2O)5..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H10O9-2)
  6. (H2O)4..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H8O8-2)
  7. (H2O)10..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H20O14-2)
  8. (H2O)12..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H24O16-2)
  9. (H2O)14..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H28O18-2)
  10. (H2O)16..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H32O20-2)
  11. (H2O)18..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H36O22-2)
  12. (H2O)20..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H40O24-2)
  13. (H2O)25..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H50O29-2)
  14. (H2O)30..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H60O34-2)
  15. (H2O)35..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H70O39-2)
  16. (H2O)40..O2CCO2 dianion (C2H80O44-2)