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Andrews, L.; Zhou, M.; Gutsev, G.L., Reactions of Laser-Ablated Mo and W Atoms, Cations, and Electrons with CO in Excess Neon: Infrared Spectra and Density Functional Calculations on Neutral and Charged Unsaturated Metal Carbonyls, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2003, 107, 7, 990, https://doi.org/10.1021/jp026978v .

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  1. Mo(CO)3 (C3MoO3)
  2. W(CO)3- (C3O3W-)
  3. W(CO)3 (C3O3W)
  4. Mo(CO)2 (C2MoO2)
  5. MoCO (CMoO)
  6. WCO (COW)
  7. Mo(CO)2+ (C2MoO2+)
  8. Mo(CO)2- (C2MoO2-)
  9. W(CO)2- (C2O2W-)
  10. W(CO)2 (C2O2W)
  11. MoCO+ (CMoO+)
  12. WCO+ (COW+)
  13. WCO- (COW-)