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Camciuc, M.; Bessière, J.M.; Vilarem, G.; Gaset, A., Volatile components in okra seed coat, Phytochemistry, 1998, 48, 2, 311-315, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0031-9422(97)01127-8 .

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  1. Caryophyllene (C15H24)
  2. Humulene (C15H24)
  3. Naphthalene, 1,2,3,5,6,8a-hexahydro-4,7-dimethyl-1-(1-methylethyl)-, (1S-cis)- (C15H24)
  4. α-Copaene (C15H24)
  5. Germacrene D (C15H24)
  6. Caryophyllene oxide (C15H24O)
  7. Nonanal (C9H18O)
  8. Cyclohexane, 1-ethenyl-1-methyl-2,4-bis(1-methylethenyl)-, [1S-(1α,2β,4β)]- (C15H24)
  9. Naphthalene, 1,2,3,4,4a,5,6,8a-octahydro-7-methyl-4-methylene-1-(1-methylethyl)-, (1α,4aβ,8aα)- (C15H24)
  10. Decanal (C10H20O)
  11. (1S,2E,6E,10R)-3,7,11,11-Tetramethylbicyclo[8.1.0]undeca-2,6-diene (C15H24)
  12. γ-Muurolene (C15H24)
  13. Alloaromadendrene (C15H24)
  14. 1-Butanol, 2-methyl- (C5H12O)
  15. Acetic acid, decyl ester (C12H24O2)
  16. Hexanoic acid, butyl ester (C10H20O2)
  17. Butanoic acid, 3-methylbutyl ester (C9H18O2)
  18. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, hexyl ester (C11H22O2)
  19. Acetic acid, nonyl ester (C11H22O2)
  20. n-Pentadecanol (C15H32O)
  21. Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-, 2-methylpropyl ester (C8H16O2)
  22. 2,6,10-Dodecatrien-1-ol, 3,7,11-trimethyl-, acetate, (E,E)- (C17H28O2)
  23. Butyl 2-methylbutanoate (C9H18O2)
  24. Hexanoic acid, 2-methylpropyl ester (C10H20O2)
  25. Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-, hexyl ester (C10H20O2)
  26. Isobutyl isovalerate (C9H18O2)
  27. 1-Butanol, 3-methyl-, propanoate (C8H16O2)
  28. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, 2-methylbutyl ester (C10H20O2)
  29. Tetradecanol (C14H30O)
  30. Butanoic acid, 3-methyl-, 2-phenylethyl ester (C13H18O2)
  31. Propyl octanoate (C11H22O2)
  32. Pentadecanoic acid, 3-methylbutyl ester (C15H30O2)
  33. Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-, 2-methylbutyl ester (C9H18O2)
  34. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, propyl ester (C8H16O2)
  35. n-Caprylic acid isobutyl ester (C12H24O2)
  36. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, pentyl ester (C10H20O2)
  37. 2,6,10-Dodecatrienal, 3,7,11-trimethyl-, (E,E)- (C15H24O)
  38. Pentanoic acid, 3-methylbutyl ester (C10H20O2)
  39. Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-, octyl ester (C12H24O2)
  40. (Z,E)-Farnesyl acetate (C17H28O2)
  41. Propanoic acid, nonyl ester (C12H24O2)
  42. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, octyl ester (C13H26O2)
  43. Octanoic acid, 2-phenylethyl ester (C16H24O2)
  44. Hexanoic acid, 2-methylbutyl ester (C11H22O2)
  45. Cubenene (C15H24)
  46. Propanoic acid, undecyl ester (C14H28O2)
  47. Heptanoic acid, butyl ester (C11H22O2)
  48. 2-Methylbutyl octanoate (C13H26O2)
  49. Heptanoic acid, propyl ester (C10H20O2)
  50. Butanoic acid, 2-methyl-, heptyl ester (C12H24O2)
  51. Heptanoic acid, 2-methylpropyl ester (C11H22O2)
  52. Nonanoic acid, 3-methylbutyl ester (C14H28O2)
  53. Propanoic acid, 2-methyl-, heptyl ester (C11H22O2)
  54. 2-tridecenal (C13H24O)
  55. Heptanoic acid, 2-phenylethyl ester (C15H22O2)
  56. Hex-3-enyl 2-methylbutanoate (C11H20O2)
  57. Heptanoic acid, 2-methylbutyl ester (C12H24O2)
  58. 2,10-Dodecadien-1-ol, 3,7,11-trimethyl-, (E)-(.+/-.)- (C15H28O)
  59. 2,10-Dodecadien-1-ol, 3,7,11-trimethyl-, (Z)- (C15H28O)
  60. (Z), 6,7-dihydrofarnesyl acetate (C17H30O2)
  61. dihydrofarnesyl propanoate (C18H32O2)
  62. dihydrofarnesyl pentanoate (C20H36O2)
  63. Nonyl 2-methylbutanoate (C14H28O2)
  64. Decyl 2-methylbutanoate (C15H30O2)
  65. 6,7-dihydronerolidol (C15H28O)