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Gudino, R.; Torres, L.A.; Campos, M.; Santillan, R.L.; Farfan, N., The standard molar enthalpies of combustion and sublimation of benzothiazino-benzothiazine and benzoxazino-benzoxazine, J. Chem. Thermodyn., 1997, 29, 565-574.

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  1. cis-5a,6,11a,12-tetrahdro[1,4]benzothiazino[3,2-b]-[1,4]-benzothiazine (C14H12N2S2)
  2. cis-5a,6,11a,12-tetrahdro[1,4]benzothiazino[3,2-b] [1,4]-benzoxazine (C14H12N2O2)